Teacher. Mother.Wife of a Criminal Barrister. Child of hippy publishers. Sister of incredible activist woman. Feminist. Blogger. Eastern Daily Press columnist. Kent-bred. Norfolk-living. Loves: Kettle Chips, boats and the first beer of a holiday.

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  1. Hi there,
    I stumbled across an article you wrote on another website regarding hashimotos (I have recently been diagnosed with this after a year of searching for answers!). I have two toddlers, the youngest (14months) of which I took to 20-odd doctors and specialists around town over the first year of his life to find answers to his string of health problems. Although he hasn’t been diagnosed with hashimotos (yet) nor hearing deficiencies like your little guy, I couldn’t help but relate to the anguish and despair you experienced in the first years of his life trying to find an answer. I just wanted to write and say thank you for this blog and for sharing your experience! It helps so much to know we aren’t the only ones left behind in such a useless medical system (mine is Australian but nevertheless similar). Hope you have a great holiday break,

  2. Thank you for your amazing message. I’m sorry and frustrated in your behalf. You have to keep pushing and pushing at a time when you just need the system to pick you up and carry you. Dig deep! A friend said to me ‘he will be the same child he was before diagnosis as he is after’ and that helped. Wishing you and your family good health, perseverance and a swift diagnosis x

  3. I read your article about your son being diagnosed with hypothyroidism. My 15 month old just recently was diagnosed after months of insisting something was wrong. Multiple endocrinologist said thyroid medication won’t make her grow, even though her TSH was elevated. Finally a endocrinologist at John Hopkins said she needs medicine. Reading your post about how your son has grown gives me hope she will eventually.
    Reading how people used to tell you how small your son was sounds so familiar. We have got to the point we just tell people she is younger than she really is, so they go away.

  4. I totally understand the frustration. I also get fed up for feeling like I have to apologise or explain why he’s so tiny. However, I saw the Endo yesterday and he’s sending us for a pituitary stress test: it seems that underactive thyroid can be linked to an ineffective pituitary which produces growth hormones. I would really advise asking for one. Sending love, endurance and support xx

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