July Favourites

This jumpsuit which has pockets and feels fabulously comfy in a ‘I’m in my pjs’ way (until you have to pee).

This is not a picture of me

Done a lot of telly and the best of it has been Working Moms Series 2. Loving the new series of Queer Eye but sad that Jane the Virgin is ending. Oh, telly- I love thee.

This delicious recipe for an easy salad. I did the bacon and sweetcorn on the barbecue because I’m all about the BBQ meat at the mo. Turns out our two little fuss pot eaters just want to mainline charcoal meats too.

All quiet on the podcast front at the mo: still loving Shagged Married Annoyed. For high brow moments, I love More or Less because I think, deep down, I’m a statistics fan. This book is also a heartening (statistics) read if I’ve not mentioned it before.

Books-wise, I’ve enjoyed a few reads. I loved The Corset and I’ve been reading Daphne du Maurier’s short stories: The Birds was properly creepy.

Lidl Product of the Month

Raspberry sorbet. Bloody lovely.

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