Nuggets of Wisdom: parenting advice that actually helped.

Happy parents. Happy baby.

Annoyingly chipper but generally good to think of yourself as part of the unit and not just a tag on to the baby. Make decisions that are a good fit for the unit.

An activity a day

Have one thing planned for each day- no more, no less. You need human contact and fresh air every day to survive parenting. Like exercise or washing, it’s a chore before but well worth it in the end.

Write it down

Because you won’t remember it otherwise.

No one’s Looking

No one is looking at you breast feed or at the puke stain on your top or at the state of your car. No one gives a toss. Also, it’s true that if your baby is crying, other parents can’t hear it. Or they’re just glad it’s not theirs crying.

People Like to be Asked

And they can only say no. So ask for help, advice, support, a drink after play group- whatever you need.

If they’re busy and happy, leave them be

Learnt this one from teaching: if the kids are concentrating and productive, keep schtum. Same with offspring: let them get on with it.

Deal with things when you’ve got the energy

Weaning off bottles. Sleep training. Potty training. There’s no hurry so just do it when you feel resilient enough.

Do Buttons Up From the Bottom

Useful when you’re tired and it’s dark and you’ve got to go to One Stop for milk.

Worst Advice

This Too Shall Pass – yeah, it will. And it’ll become something else exhausting instead.

You Never Stop Worrying – great!

Trusts Your Instincts- when you’re tired and stressed and lonely, your instincts tell you you’re awful. Just phone 111 if it’s a health thing or a friend or parent if it’s an emotional or practical thing.

Sleep when the baby sleeps- everyone knows this is BS, right?

This post is sponsored by the wisdom of all the wonderful people in my life who have replied to my night feed texts or answered my panicked phone calls or kindly listened to my worries during play dates. I owe you everything.

July Favourites

This jumpsuit which has pockets and feels fabulously comfy in a ‘I’m in my pjs’ way (until you have to pee).

This is not a picture of me

Done a lot of telly and the best of it has been Working Moms Series 2. Loving the new series of Queer Eye but sad that Jane the Virgin is ending. Oh, telly- I love thee.

This delicious recipe for an easy salad. I did the bacon and sweetcorn on the barbecue because I’m all about the BBQ meat at the mo. Turns out our two little fuss pot eaters just want to mainline charcoal meats too.

All quiet on the podcast front at the mo: still loving Shagged Married Annoyed. For high brow moments, I love More or Less because I think, deep down, I’m a statistics fan. This book is also a heartening (statistics) read if I’ve not mentioned it before.

Books-wise, I’ve enjoyed a few reads. I loved The Corset and I’ve been reading Daphne du Maurier’s short stories: The Birds was properly creepy.

Lidl Product of the Month

Raspberry sorbet. Bloody lovely.