Museum Mania: a Norfolk summer sorted.

It’s a week in to the summer holidays.

Odds on, you’ve already:

✔️ Been to the beach

✔️Schlepped to the library

✔️’Baked’ (they licked the bowl whilst you did the rest)

✔️ Taken up residence in the paddling pool

✔️Spent a squillion pounds on activities that lasted eight minutes

Well, put down the debit card and hold off the squished banana packed lunches: I’ve got the solution for you.

The Norfolk Museums Family Pass.

For £100 you can buy a family pass that lets you in to ten museums across Norfolk for a whole year.

Absolute stinking bargain.

That includes Norwich Castle which is the bee’s knees. There’s masses to do and touch and play with and muck around in. Always a hit are the stuffed animals which, as a grown up, I think are a bit grisly but my macabre children LOVE. Until September there is a Viking exhibition on too. Most schools seem to study Vikings in year three or four so you can feel all smug going and can tick off Summer Hols Homework.

Part-Viking and Proud

Also included as one of the Museums is Time and Tide Museum in Great Yarmouth. It’s free to park (petty but important) and you can go for a cone of chips on the beach afterwards and at the moment there’s an exhibition on Medieval Medicine which, again, held a gruesome fascination for my children. There are boats to clamber on, herrings to fish for and boat paintings to lust over. We love it.

My little puds at T&T

And then there’s Gressenhall: our family favourite. We are always last out when it shuts for Winter and first back in for Spring. We love it. It’s got a brilliant adventure play ground, a working farm with tractor rides and animals, it’s got a fascinating work house museum and the staff are lovely. It’s a full day out and even though we go every month, we still absolutely love it.

Cuddles at Gressenhall

Each museum has a great cafe and the kids’ meal deal box is a sub-fiver bargain and the quiche is delish and the sausage rolls are the best county-wide.

So these three and seven other museums? What are you waiting for?! Head to the Norfolk Museums website and start planning your visits.

See you there!

I attended a Press Day at Norwich Castle but I am a paid up Museum Pass holder and have been for years.

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