35 in Numbers


The number of attempts it took me to work out my age. It also took two hands: ‘ 84, 94, 2004, 2014…’


Years of marriage under my belt. Got married in ’09 so can calculate hands-free.

The only wedding photo of me on my own and I’m so sweaty!


Averagely lovely, maximum hilarious, high input children whom I love ten out of ten 90% of the time.

Searching for their mother’s patience


Lovely house that I live in and pay house insurance for and remember to water pot plants in.


Sensible coats- one for wet rain, one for potential rain but not too warm if it doesn’t, one for chilly spring, one for deep winter, one leather jacket. *takes a bow*

For those ‘chilly in the shade’ days


Ratio of worthy books to trashy books I consume and I consider this rather impressive.


Dressing gowns. Neither ever washed. One I bought myself for a birthday treat to manage the in-between temperatures.

Yes it’s actually three but I don’t wear the CK one so…


Years of secondary teaching.

Work/life balance


Of wonderful friends. Truly, it should be our purpose in life to find people who are clever and funny and kind and supportive and then just limpet on to them until you feel those things too.


Loving parents and


Wonderful sister

And a whole world still to see.

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