April Favourites: reads, feeds, frocks and food

Everything feels glorious in the sun, doesn’t it? But for me, these odds and sods have been my sun-soaked faves:


Last year I went to see Sara Pascoe’s tour, Lads Lads Lads. It was properly funny. So funny that I lost my voice that night and had to have two days off work. If you’re willing to risk that level of hilarity, the show is now on Iplayer


Elizabeth Gilbert’s The Signature of All Things. Find it for less than three quid here – it’s an excellent online secondhand bookshop. The book is brilliant- a dip in to exploration, botany, wealth and love.


The Modern Mom Vlog is properly snortingly funny. When I watch her spoof videos on Insta I am struck with deep deep envy: I want to be that funny! Best line? ‘Now it’s Christmas, I can’t help thinking of another Mary. Like me, she had a son destined for great things…don’t think she was a home owner though…’


I’ve got a delicious new snakeskin skirt from New Look that I love. Even took a twatty OOTD snap. Who AM I?!


Easter Eggs. Obvs.

Hope you’ve had an excellent April: let me know in comments or on Insta which I am not massively in love with this month- feels all a bit showy and vacuous but am trying to use it to educate myself (if you want to do the same and then here’s a post on who to follow)

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