March Favourites

Guys, I’ve had hundreds DMs asking me about the MIA March Favourites – I haven’t forgotten, hun!

So here, at last (emoji!), is the tat I loved in March


This has It is essentially two people laughing at their own jokes and you will love it. Please download immediately and snortle away.

Lipstick of the Month

Laura Mercier Extreme Matte in Control. Worn it to down to a nub and still adore it. It sticks through everything- put it on at lunch and it was still on after CrossFit that night- wall balls couldn’t sweat this bad boy off.

Book of the Month

I’ve just finished The Familiars and enjoyed it. It’s set amongst the Pendle Witchcraft trials and King James’ persecution of women under the guise of witchcraft. The protagonist is fun and smart and angry and I liked her. It’s well-paced and shows how grim and dull life was. Trigger warning- detailed descriptions of miscarriage.

Apparel of the Month

I need this

Drama of the Month

Removing a bird that was stuck in our chimney- a true moral dilemma with Team Light a Fire vs Team Young Ornithologist Club member. In the end, we used compromise and a duvet covet to liberate an ungrateful blackbird. And I didn’t phone my dad for advice which means I am a grown up now *takes a bow*

Desire of the Month

Our lawn is riddled with moss which taunts me and I am dreaming of a scarifier which means I am my dad now *takes a long moment to reflect*

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