January Favourites

I have had a very good run of excellent finds this month and I will share them with you now as it is fast approaching payday. At bloody last.

Outfit Chat

During ‘The Flu Episode’ I bought myself a new dress from ASOS. I got confused and didn’t manage to actually buy it until I’d detoxed off Lemsip and the 10s had sold out. I bought the 12 which is lose in a ‘fine with a belt’ way. Going to wear it with trainers and denim jacket ASAP.

Also, shout out to Primark Vintage Mom jeans for all of us with big bums but small waists…and messy sitting rooms.

Podcast Chat

Thanks to Rhiannon from Great Mum Shit Mum for recommending the excellent Don’t Salt My Game podcast which calls bullshit on the diet, wellness, clean living and beauty industry. The podcasts are so informative and empowering and practical- I truly believe they would help anyone who struggles with disordered eating. And if, like me, you don’t, they are very useful for understanding nutrition and biology.

Skin Chat

On the beauty myths episode of Don’t Salt My Game, a dermatologist explains what’s what with beauty products and recommends two that actually work. The Avene Cleanser which is £12 and works like a charm and The Ordinary Retinol night cream which is also £12 and I’m convinced it will last forever. I’m not really interested or susceptible to skincare stuff but I’m sold on these two things.

Book Chat

I have read so so many good books in the last month but two of the best or Normal People and The Natural Way of Things. Both of these I read in one sitting. Normal People is like One Day but less drippy. The Natural Way of Things is like a female Lord of the Flies: a group of women wake up in the Australian outback where they are locked in cages at night but soon work out they are all there because they were involved in sex scandals with powerful men. It is dark and dirty and disturbing and brilliant.

Grub Chat

Every year we resolve to try a new recipe every week. I recommend The Roasting Tin for anyone else in need of inspiration. For now though, here are my favourite meals I would happily eat on repeat for life.

Beef stew in the slow cooker with dumplings that have blue cheese in them.

Gnocchi baked with cherry tomatoes, mozzarella, pine nuts and bacon lardons.

Sesame bagels with peanut butter.

Hair Chat

Molton Brown’s Cloudberry shampoo is drrreaaamy and smells lovely. It’s expensive (£18) so my MiL got me the shampoo and conditioner for Christmas. Also, I’ve been using this excellent hair device that the lovey Natali (Insta @natalipendleton) recommended and it really can give you a nice curl or big hair- it’s a rotating hairbrush/hairdryer.

I would also include my dressing gown, marshmallows on hot chocolate, Shaun the Sheep movie, and Tori Amos’ album Under the Pink.

I love stuff!

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