Day 9

Hot morning breath whispers ‘mummy, shall we go downstairs and open some presents?’

Feel like expectations need readjusting…

I’m in charge of ‘using up the turkey’ today so pop out in the car to get puff pastry to make a pie.

Chap on till: ‘Have a nice Christmas?’

Me: ‘This is the first time I’ve been on my own for what feels like months! I’m going to drive home very slowly!’

CoT: ‘……’

Clutching my two-pack of puff pastry, I feel a bit silly for my outburst until I see a man in his car in the Co-Op car park – there are kids’ presents all over the backseat and he’s sitting behind the steering wheel listlessly cleaning it with a wet wipe and staring off in to the distance. I feel a deep sense of understanding.

Back home, the kids and in-laws have gone to the park so I listen to Desert Island Discs and make a turkey pie. It’s lovely.

Films. Chocolates. Booze.

‘A bit of fresh air’

Telly. Booze.

Turkey pie.



‘A little Bailey’s’


Another glorious day of the Christmas Twixtmas.

Waiting for 2019 like…

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