In Praise of the Chrimbo Limbo: reasons to love the post-Christmas lull

The days between Christmas and New Year – fondly called Twixtmas by some or the Merrynium by others- are beloved days where your only deadlines are dictated by The Radio Times. The hubbub has reduced to a hum and it’s like all the good bits of an apocalypse.

Here are some more reasons why these days are the best.


The kids will still be up at 6am but they have a surplus of new, lusted-for toys to play with so you can snooze on the sofa and occasionally break open an eye to throw batteries at them. Basically a lie in.


Quality Streets and trifle.


Having spent the last fortnight in a frenzy of social events and school nativities, you can luxuriate in endless empty hours.

‘What shall we do today?’


‘Watch a film?’

‘Sounds good’

Pressure Is Off

The emotional labour is done and the weight of expectations have lifted. You’ve opened your presents and they’re actually quite nice/useful/thoughtful. The kids are lolling or building Lego sets or nosing through books. The hype has peaked. The relief is palpable.


Bubble and Squeak. Cold bread sauce. Pork pies. Slabs of cheese everyone was too full to eat on Christmas Day. Popping cold pigs in blankets like they’re grapes. So darn good.

The ‘Bit of Fresh Air’

A nice round walk. The last outing for the Christmas jumpers. A hearty ‘Good afternoon’ to fellow survivors with the last wafts of goodwill.


They are indulged and funny and surprisingly good at Charades and look endearing in novelty jumpers and wonky paper crowns and curl up on your lap and cover your face with chocolate kisses and breathy disbelief that ‘Santa’s been’.

If Christmas Day is for them, these days are for you.

Charades. Chocolate. Champagne.

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