Day 6

Christmas Day!

(For us, for various reasons, we are having Christmas Day on Christmas Eve)

Alex was wide awake and whinging and thrashing around until 1.30am when he let out a series of enormous farts and fell asleep. William comes in at 5am and hops about.

We leave Alex asleep and TWW and I are go down with a spellbound William. A careful, reverential stillness settles as he marvels at the chewed carrot and the pile of presents.

Alex eventually awakes and the two boys go hell for leather and tear in to presents. Alex’s favourite is some Primark gloves and William goes bananas for a Lego set from a friend.

Andrew spends the morning assembling his mega speaker that I got him and I read my excellent book a friend gave me.

The boys play, TWW tinkers and I read until we eat toad in the hole with roasties and cabbage as their requested Christmas meal.

We load everything in to the car and head for Stratford upon Avon to the in-laws.

Two miles out and after an hour and a half of ‘your a stupid worm’ bickering, Alex chunders. A blast of Kinder Egg and batter.

We arrive in a flurry of saturated car seats and kids who need to be hosed down. Glamour.

But soon the kids are asleep and we all have a glass of something and some good food and an early night and we get to have Christmas Day: 2 tomorrow.

Happy Christmas, one and all!

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