Day 5

For various reasons, we are having a dry-run Christmas Day on 24th so we had to pretend today was Christmas Eve and then entangle everyone we bumped it to in our web of lies. So the plan for the day was to keep on the DL and watch a lot of telly.

Mum and dad left in the morning but not before my devine mother gifted us both a lay-in- glory be!

Then I needed horizons and some fresh air so we zipped out to Gorlestone.

Funnily enough, there weren’t many people on the beach…but it was very good for the spirits.

Then we came home and mooched about and had a few people drop by and we diddled about before doing Santa Admin: carrot, milk and a jam tart because ‘Santa must get sick of mince pies’ and absolutely nothing to do with the fact we had none in the house.

As soon as the boys were asleep, Alex woke up. Nothing like trying to calmly get a child back to sleep whilst doing a panicked mental inventory of ALL THE WRAPPING you have to do still. Off and on, it took until 1.30am to get Alex to sleep which got Christmas Day: Mark One off to a flying start.


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