Day 4

I know, I’ll start my day by spending an hour doing box jump burpees at 8am. What larks!

Home for a shower, toast and wellyboots and off to find the much-recommended Ladybelt Country Park which is a bugger to find but well worth it. The children are delightful and the weather is glorious and it’s warm and no one is moaning. Swans. Woods. Ice houses. Perfect.

In stark, stark contrast TWW and I head to Longwater to do jobs and smack in to solid traffic. It fills me with gloom and revulsion and feel all pious that we are only heading in for fishfingers and an Argos order. Realise my overwhelming feeling should be gratitude that my MiL is hosting and, somewhere near Stratford Upon Avon, Margaret is battling for sprouts so we don’t have to.

A lazy afternoon of not much other than newspapers, colouring in and jobs. The house seems to feel calmer for having my parents in it and we all tick along.

Eventually, TWW and I are heading out to a neighbours’ party on our old road on Unthank. We slug fizz and natter and gossip and it’s so comforting to know we are part of such a friendly and funny and cosy community even though we no longer live there. To complete the nostalgia, the two of us go for a pint of Obscure Ale at The Beehive and try and work out the bus timetable home when mum texts and offers to pick us up. I feel about 17 again but also tugged by a wistfulness and fall asleep dreaming of having parents who lived nearby all the time.

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