Day 3

Does anyone else just love starting the day with a round of rough housing? I bloody love it. The boys get me on the floor and hit me with pillows and kick me in the head and shriek with joy as they slam dunk me from the sofa. I absolutely love it because I vividly remember loving it when I was young and beating the crap out of my dad. An excellent way to start the day.

Mum managed to capture this beautiful moment

Then we scrub up and headed to Roots

Cafe where there are hoards of cheerful

festive children and homebaked deliciousness

We much cheese scones and snuffle babies and share Christmas chat with other families until it’s our boys’ turn to see Santa.

They are both totally awestruck.

William chews on his finger and gives monosyllabic answers to me. Alex tells FC he thinks he lives in a chimney and then spends the rest of the time looking at his shoes. Santa ploughs on heroically. We shuffle out.

William(doubtfully) ‘I could see his beard was held on by string…’

Me: ‘No! That was his hearing aid’

William(wise eyed) ‘So it WAS the real Santa’ (actual gasp!)

My parents, the boys and I then get a rammed and steamy bus in to town. There are few seats so William sits on his own a few benches behind and every time I turn to look at him he’s solemn-faced and deep in thought. I can’t work out if he’s still in awe or recalibrating to disappointment because his Santa gift is a book about Jesus.

I decide it’s the former because last year William asked for a birthday cake with ‘Batman and Jesus’ on it.

Town is teaming and it’s drizzling so mum and dad take the boys to the castle whilst I pound around the shops to get the last few jobs done.

I meet them all back at the castle and m&d head out for a mooch and I stay in the Keep with the boys. They have activities on and Alex tries to knit before giving up and running wild smacking display cabinets with the knitting needles. William sits quietly and embroiders a Christmas tree. Sums them both up quite neatly.

TWW phones and says he can give us a lift home so I bundle up bags and boys and coats and schlep them across town. Alex is on my shoulders, three sacks of Christmas shopping bag against my legs, the rain pours, I’m dripping from layers and exertion and William is trailing behind holding Alex’s coat in one hand and his precious embroidery in the other. It gives me fits of flustered giggles.

Back at home, I fetch my old sewing stuff from the loft and William adds some baubles and presents to his masterpiece.

Once the boys are and in bed, mum, TWW and I wrap presents whilst dad does some DIY jobs for us. All in all, a wholly lovely if somewhat tiring day.

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