Day Two

They slept in! Until 6.40am! Sweet heavenly loveliness. We pile downstairs to giggle through a few episodes of Shaun the Sheep and scoff advent calendar chocolates.

By 10am, we are all a bit twitchy so it’s soft play for us. We are all infected with Christmas cheer and the boys tear about together playing games and ‘having adventures’ and I sit and chat to a friend who comments ‘don’t your two get on well!’ and I nod solemnly.

We leave to meet my parents at The Hen House. The pure relief of having ‘proper’ grown ups arrive! Mum buys us cheese scones and teas and it’s lovely.

Dad has the boys for a bit and mum and I POWER through jobs including the dreaded Post Office parcel collection. Winning!

It’s only 2.30 but it feels like 4 because it’s basically dark but nonetheless we take the boys out to Eaton Park for a run about by the light of the moon.

Then sudden, immediate hunger hit William and we have to evacuate in search of food.

Notcutts! Norwich’s equivalent of Lapland! An abundance of twinkling lights, half price (excellent) baubles…but a nutritional wasteland.

Nothing but a sad looking piece of gingerbread cheesecake on offer.

Momentary meltdown:

‘ But I haven’t eaten for daaaaaays!’

Fish and chips and home.

Mum and dad put the kids to bed which means I get to squeeze in a much-needed CrossFit session before coming home for wine and lamb curry with all the trimmings.

I love it when the parents are staying.

Jumping for Joy!

2 thoughts on “Day Two

  1. Sounds wonderful! You deserve it lovely xxx Try Highways nursery also. It is a Christmas explosion in a shop xx

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