Top Tip: Emergency Survival

Do you remember the feeling you’d get as a kid when you’d watched too much telly and been awake in your PJs for too long? Headache. Rage. Boredom. Hunger. ALL the feelings?

I vividly remember it. And now I know what it’s like to parent it.

Really flipping awful.

Today, both kids were done-in by school and rundown and black-eyed with exhaustion. We had an early night but both were awake and singing On the Road to Bethlehem by 3.40am. Shushing got us to 5am and iPads got us until 7.30 but by 9.15 it felt like a whole weekend had passed.

With Alex in his PJs still and William armed with ‘spuckets and bades’ as Alex calls them, we all got in the car and drove through the lashing rain to the beach.

We spent an hour digging holes and racing around. I took deep breaths and let the rain and sea hammer my face and let my eyes drink in horizons and crashing waves. The boys snotted and tumbled and we got back in the steamy car and drove home.

It was just what we needed.

Next time you feel like you’re climbing the walls and at your wit’s end, bundle them up and out on to a beach: it is good for the soul and your sanity.

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