I’ve Never: suffered from mum guilt

I am utterly and entirely untouched by ‘mum guilt’.

I’ve never used the phrase and I’ve never experienced it.

I have felt sad at nursery drop off. I’ve mooned over pictures of my children whilst I was at work. I’ve paused to consider whether three hours on an iPad is the best childhood experience I could offer.

But that’s reflection- a momentary wonder. A healthy and normal check of the parenting pulse.

At any given moment, I am probably giving my 70% best. That ebbs and flows. That’s wholly acceptable and, more importantly, sustainable.

Mum-guilt is a bullshit patriarchal load of codswallop. Another phrase invented to make women eat themselves.

Throw it- and any other ‘mum’ prefixed phrase- out with the next pooh-smeared nappy and coast along in the knowledge that it’s ok to like yourself and the parent you are.

Me and ‘mum guilt’

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