Bootique Haul!

I’m so excited to share this with you guys! Photo credit: selfie timer, mid-blink.

Hair by swimming pool.

Right next to my house in this fancy French shop, Citroen Picasso and I’ve been dying to roll up my sleeves and have a dig around!

Posing in doorways

I found some real treasures and I model them over on my Insta so go check out my feed, guys!

It was well stocked with things for kids and grown ups and a great choice of food and snacks but I made sure I didn’t overdose on lost Smarties or those clothes I’ve been meaning to take to the charity shop will never fit!

Here’s what I got, guys!

Three Pokemon cards (v collectible)

Three coats (last season’s)

Seven nappies (size up)

Eight toy cars (a mystery- my children only play with wooden toys)

£16’s worth of kids’ magazines- unread

Three unemptied lunch boxes (#vegan)

A Dyson’s worth of crumbled snacks

Five CDs of ’90s music minus cases (so retro!)

A litre of Pisco from Peru (#gifted)

Eight squillion reusable shopping bags (#eco)

Two woollen jumpers (#allergic)

Countless pieces of chewing gum (coffee breath 🤭!)

€10 (so well travelled!)

Three Tuppaware lids (v pleased)

Three armbands (hard to explain)

Two unread novels (#cultured)

Quite the haul!

Shit from my boot

Had loads of questions about these shoes- they’re by the French brand Croc Monsieur #ad

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