See you, September

With your tired faced children and cold hard shock that this is life now summer has set and the beach towels are packed away.

See you next year, when we will buy pencil cases and make resolutions and swear off beer and fail by the first Friday.

Thank you for the last days of sunshine and the moon still up at morning and the not quite cold enough for tights on chilly bare legs.

You arrived with picnics and left with fireside fish and chips. You lasted forever and passed in a flash – leaving a trail of coughs and sneezes in your wake.

And we take our crumpled tissues and faint tan lines and framed photos of summer and dust off our coats and button them up over woolly jumpers and set off for the school run with our hands deep in our pockets and our minds on bonfires and crispy apples.

3 thoughts on “See you, September

  1. Wow! These lines are huge poetic.. especially the final phrases!
    Could use for a song.
    Lets enjoy with the last season of GOT: ‘Winter is coming’..

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