Exercise: mum style

You swim, cycle and climb everyday

At toddler pace. Which doesn’t really count.

‘Well done, darling!’ *wipes pool water out of eye*

It is scheduled.

You’re in competition with husband’s badminton and children’s swimming lessons but, by god, you will get to the 7.30 class through hell and high water.

You go at it with renewed vigour

You might’ve skived off cross country in high school, but now you will run through fields for fun. Mostly because you enjoy being on your own and unencumbered.

Exercise is your main expensive

New kit makes you quicker. Fact.

But most of your gym kit is from the supermarket.

And sometimes you wear your gym kit back to the supermarket for a post-workout food shop.

You live with your harshest critics

My children like to munch on their post-swim snack and critique my physique while I get changed: ‘She’s a bit wibbly’ ‘Yeah. And she got a big bum bum!’ Motivating. Thanks, lads.

But you know you’re as strong as all hell

Say it! Say Mummy wins!

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