The Rabbit Hole

This is how I spent two days at home delirious, hoarse and feverish.

48 hours of this:

YouTube videos about tiny houses.

Discovering I have Amazon Prime and therefore Prime Video and therefore This is Us which is lovely but makes time and will power evaporate

I’ll just watch the first ten minutes of the next one…

Reading this EXCELLENT book that’s set in a Georgian whorehouse. Beautifully written. Very funny. Gorgeous. Bit racy. And look at the cover!

Listening to this podcast

Reading this really helpful and brilliant website which has great ideas for games to play with the children. I read it and resolved to do an Allsopp and smash the iPads and reinvent myself as a good mother. Just as soon as my fever spikes…

2 thoughts on “The Rabbit Hole

  1. Hello lovely, you been poorly or have I misunderstood the context of your latest post? Hope you are soon back to taking on the world, Laura X


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