Emotional Moments

Set the scene: it’s the first day back at school after an awesome six weeks of non-stop love and fun.

Me: William. I just want to say…

William: Hold on

M: I want you to know how much…

W: I’m just…

M: …how proud and…

W: Have you filled my water bottle?

M: Yes. (Continues talking despite child watching PJ Masks over shoulder) Now you may feel sad about going back because it’s the end of the holidays and a new chapter in your life is always frightening

W: (with scorn) Not really.

M: Right. But. You might feel sad. So what we can do is draw a heart on my hand and then…

W: Why would you do that? Your heart’s in your chest. Not your hand.

M: Right. But then you draw one on your hand. And we kiss them together. So. You know. You can look at it and know I love you.

W: (doubtfully). I draw it on my hand?

M: (looking deep in to his eyes which are trained on the TV) That’s right. So we know we are always with each other.

W: It’ll be on my hand? Where everyone can see it? (Scoffs. Loudly.) I’m not doing that.


I wipe a tear. He starts putting on his school shoes. I snivel. He puts his backpack on. His brother saunters in to view.

W: Y’know, mum?

M: (eyes alert, heart beating fast) Yes, darling boy?

W: I’m really going to miss Alex.


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