Book Chat

It’s true! Everyone says it and you never believe it but it’s true! When the kids get older, they play together when you’re on holiday and you can

It’s bliss!

I have galloped through books this summer and I’ve loved them. So here’s what I’ve been reading and I hope with all my heart that you can enjoy a similar number by a pool somewhere soon.

Excellent dystopian teen fiction. Potentially even better than Hunger Games. Loved it.

Made me really really laugh. The Wig Wearer is reading it now and keeps chuckling away and then I ask him which bit’s made him laugh and he keeps having to stop and tell me. It must be annoying. But this is a very very good read.

Have been listening to this on audiobook. TWW bought me some wireless headphones that are excellent so I listened to this book as I drifted off to sleep (trying to drown out the humming of the mozzies) but then kept giggling and laughing. Love Bill Bryson.

Love a SK. I thought the first third of this book would’ve made an excellent short story but then the rest of it was a bit of gumpf.

Another Doctor story but 100% less funny. A bit pretentious but very moving. I listened to it on audiobook and enjoyed it but think I might’ve given up on it if reading it.

Good fun. Classic Grisham.

William and I did through the night road trips to Cardiff and back with him co-piloting in the front. We listened to this on audiobook and I honestly had forgotten how funny these books are. They are brilliantly read too. Really recommend these. They are not at all dated unlike some childhood books.

Did you know…?

You can download an app (Libby) and type in your library card number and download up to six audiobooks FOR FREE. You might need a code but your local library can give you one (try your birth date and year first though as it might’ve been automatically set for you – ie, 2504 for me).

Download the app

2 thoughts on “Book Chat

  1. The Feather Thief (will make you want to cast flies)
    The Great Alone (will REALLY make you want to move to Alaska – in the 70s)
    There There (will make you not want to be a Native American)
    Leah on the Offbeat (will make you glad to be gay)

  2. Thank you for these recommendations. The Great Alone sounds particularly appealing after the long heat wave summer holidays!

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