Things You Must Do at the Beach


Walk along the beach. Choose a spot. Get to it. Decide it’s not right. Walk along the beach more.

‘Here will do…Or there?’

Set up camp

If you’re winning, you may have a windbreaker.


Dig Something

Grab a spade. Dig a hole. Always.


Climb something

Hopefully something that will give your parents heart-palpitations


Build Something

A sand car. A tunnel. A castle.

You will need ‘just the right type of sand’

Try the Water

Have ‘a quick paddle’ just to ‘check the temp’. It’s going to be burningly cold.

Needn’t have optimistically packed my swimmers

Feel the sun on your face


‘This is what it’s all about. Sighhhh’

Feel the Sand on Your Face

‘I’ve already said, STOP FLICKING SAND’

‘Oh god, it’s in my eye!’

Home Time

Kids have loved it but there’s sand in your pants and everyone’s looking pretty windburnt. Plus, sea air is exhausting. Chalk up the win and head home.

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