My Sister

She held my hand and counted my toes

She kissed my curls and kissed my nose

She sang me songs and read me books

She made me smile with loving looks

She made up the games and she was the teacher

She made me be co-presenter in her version of Blue Peter

She worked the tills and I was the shopper

She was the chef and me the washer upper

She held my hand on my first day of school

She sat by me in the assembly hall

She protected me from dinner ladies

She made me crowns from loops of daisies

She stood by me against kids on the bus

She let them know it was them versus us

She drove me to my first house party

She lent me her ID and cider money

She found success in careers and motherhood

She occupied I world I never understood

She welcomed me there when I had my first child

She blazed me a trail in that new scary world

She answered my calls at four in the morning

She did so with patience and bleary-eyed yawning

She passed on breast pumps, school shoes and advice

She told me the best box sets and cures for head lice

She’s made me Madonna/Cher mix cassettes

She’s made me sing loud Alanis Morrisette duets

She’s made me dress up as Winona Ryder

She’s made me travel the world right beside her

She’s opened up doors and guided me through

Hannah: everyone should have a sister like you.

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