CrossFit: what’s the jig?

The only sport I liked at school was rounders. The rest just seemed to be a roulette of hanging about waiting for a turn or a flurry of mud and kicked shins.

In my twenties I gave some half-arsed attempts at things but found that running was tedious, gyms were repetitive and yoga gave me the fidgets. Turns out that when it comes to exercise I’ve got the attention span of a gnat.

I did do Joe Wick’s 90 Day plan which was intense (all the egg whites!) but I found his exercise videos a bit samey (all the mountain climbers!) so used Fitness Blender at home four times and week and loved it.

But I needed something else. Exercise colleagues. New challenges. Something I have to book in to so I can’t flake.

Enter CrossFit.

We all have a friend who does CrossFit. The one who tells us we ‘really should go’ because we will ‘love it’. We’ve all said ‘maybe next weekend’ and then not mentioned it again. Because on paper it sounds flipping awful. That’s because it’s quite hard to explain. But now I’m a full on convert and paid up radicalised CrossFitter I can be ‘that friend’ and tell you all about it.

Disclaimer: I’m still new to cross fit and certainly not an expert (snort at the thought!) but I feel like I’ve found my ‘thing’ and love it.


All CrossFit centres will host try-out sessions where you will be shown technique and walked through a sample class. You will only be with other beginners so it’s not intimidating.

Box jumps. Oddly sweaty.


Weight-lifting. Burpees. Ring pulls. Kettle bell swings. Short runs. Bursts of rowing. Sit ups. The whole shebang. The reps (number of times you do it) tend to be fewer than they are in Body Pump but it’s expected you to heavier. For example, you may deadlift 40kg six times rather than the 10kg you might do for a whole Pump track.

Getting my burpee on

My goals

I want to be able to do a chin to bar (swing from a bar and pull your chin up over it). To help me get there, I’m still slogging away on ring pulls.

You can see from the clock that I’m two minutes from the end and so slacking off on the RPs!

I’d like to be able to do a hand stand press up. TBH, I’ve wanted to be able to do a handstand since year three so, y’know, #lifegoals

Things to know

Push ups are tricep push ups because it’s more about functional fitness.

Burpees mean chest and hips to floor and a jump and clap in the air.

Sit ups are usually v-ups or using a mat and having the soles of your feet together.

Basically, everything is just that little bit harder than normal exercise classes!

Summoning the strength to do another weighted squat.

Lingo to know

Others might work it out faster than I did but here’s a heads up-

AMRAP: as many rounds as possible

EMOM: every minute on the minute

Box: they’re not called gyms, they’re called ‘boxes’.

WOD: working out of the day

AHAP: as heavy as possible

AFAP: as far as possible *edit: it’s actually ‘as fast as possible’ which goes to show even a seasoned pro like me can make mistakes #week10 #stillclueless*

My box, Saxon, are hosting another round of recruitment so if you’re based near Wymondham and like the sound of it, send them a message.

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