Five Signs It’s Finally Summertime

Sun’s Out, Washing’s Out

It’s the hallmark of adulthood: you wake up on a sunny day and you think ‘ooh, I can change the bedsheets today and get them dry by tonight. How lovely.’

Sun’s Out, Pegs Out

You can finally wear your fab new Zara skirt you bought months ago in anticipation of heat. You know, the one your tried to wear with tights and boots in the March snow. 🙄

Sun’s out, Bike’s Out

The worst bit of winter (other than relentless illness) is having to wrestle kids in to car seats whilst your bum is sticking out of the car door getting rained on and your feet are in a puddle (‘’). Now it’s sunny, you can pop them on their bikes and wheel around gleefully.

Sun’s out, you’re out

You’re in the park at 8.50am and playing in the garden til 8.50pm. It’s remarkable how less annoying your own children are when they’re surrounded by horizons

And finally…

Now I’ve dug out the paddling pool, put away jumpers and got the kids in shorts, it’s almost guaranteed to start raining. Or snowing. Sorry.

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