Tat ‘n’ TV: stuff I’m loving

My mega 583 followers on Instagram mean that I’m basically an influencer and media dahling and will soon be hashtag spon by some mega cool* brands. But for now: here’s my likes of the month. For free.

*who says ‘cool’ still? Who says ‘mega’?!


Fast, funny and makes some excellent points about race. Love it. Tracee Ellis Ross is hypnotic in it: I dream of her character’s wardrobe (because I’m deep, y’all)

On Now TV

Topshop Mom Jeans

Best. Jeans. Ever. Apart from the fact I drank too much beer on my holidays and now they don’t fit… #worthit

Gressenhall Workhouse and Farm

A whole day out. It’s £11 to get in but free for teachers if you bring your staff badge and you can buy and annual pass for £20 which gets you in to all Norfolk museums. Read more about it here. Told you I was ‘mega cool’.

In the Heart of the Sea

Big boats. Monstrous sea animals. Survival story. Not for everyone but I bleddy loved it

Faves to Follow: Insta / Online


Does My Bum Look 40?

Make up

The Small Things Blog


Together for Yes

Follow on Insta for updates about the Ireland referendum on abortion

Laura Mercier lipstick

Matte. Stays on for ages. Loads of shades and all look fabulous.



Twenty minutes-ish. True crimes. Addictive. Start with episode one. Download or listen online.

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