I’ve Never

It’s Friday(Saturday/Thursday) night so let’s put on a comfy cardie and get down to it!!!

Wahoo! LaydeeZ and gentz, grab a drink and let’s plaaaaay ‘I’ve Never…’

For those who’ve ‘never’, let me explain. The rules are simple. I say ‘I’ve never’ and if you have then you derrrrink.

Down it! Down it!

Let the gaaaames begin!

I’ve never…given my kids Calpol and sent them to school hoping they make it ’til 3pm

‘It’s only a minor fever. You’ll be fine. Now get your shoes on’

I’ve never…told my child soft play isn’t open at weekends

‘I don’t know why, sweetie, but that’s what the website says’

I’ve never…lied to the school about being too busy to help out with school trips

‘Oh I so wish I could but…’

I’ve never…had a grab bag of onion rings and a bottle Pinot and called it supper

Can’t face cooking. Haven’t done a food shop in a fortnight.

I’ve never…sent my children to school with unbrushed teeth/nits/dirty uniform/unmatching socks

Every day, pal.

I’ve never…threatened to cancel Christmas/a holiday/the tooth fairy/ a birthday party

‘And I mean it this time!’

I’ve never…put Trolls on at 10am

Close the curtains: call it a ‘cinema’.

I’ve never…bugger. I’m out of gin.

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