FAQs: let’s chat cash, clicks and insider tips. 

‘I couldn’t help but wonder…’

Being a columnist, socialite, blogger, teacher, parent, influencer and all round marvel can mean I get a lot of pressure to maintain my perfect-seeming life. I also have to deal with a LOT of intrusion in to my personal life and business ventures. To help tackle some of those issues and to try and stem the flow of inquires from across the globe I will attempt to answer some of my (in)frequently asked questions whilst I sit here on my son’s bedroom floor waiting for him to fall asleep. 


Why ‘wife of a wig wearer’? 

My husband wears wig for his job. Is that odd? Is that archaic? Does he keep it in a tin with the letters ‘esq’ on it? Yes yes yes. 

Can you be a feminist and refer to yourself as your husband’s job?

You can be a feminist and refer to yourself as anything you darn well please. Especially if it’s alliterative. When I update to Mother of a Misogynist or Parent of a Patriarch then call me up on it, yeah?

How many views do you get?

Very rude to ask but I don’t care so I’ll tell you: last year, I had 17,000 views. 

Do you make any money from blogging?

Doubly rude to ask! And no. Not a sausage. But I have met some amazing people (here’s looking at you Vicki, Lindsay, Laura, Emma and Lizzie)

Why do you blog?

Because I love writing what I would want to read and I really really love it when people like, comment, share or talk to me about a post I’ve done because I’m vain and self-centred and like the sound/look of my own voice/words. 

When do you find the time?

I don’t go out. You will notice I often publish on Thursdays and Mondays because that’s when the WigWearer is out playing sport and I have a nice quiet house to myself and I can write without being pestered for intellectual political chitchat/TV on in background. 

What about your children reading it when they’re older?

I started it for them as a record of our…err…’ups and downs’. I think I’ve talked a bit less about them specifically as they’ve got older though and now try and stay more general about what it’s like to be a parent. 

How come you haven’t hit the big time?

Blogging is competitve because, as it turns out, there’s a whack load of wickedly funny women tiptapping away and our voices sing together in a wilderness of the worldwide web so it’s hard to have your voice heard above the dawn chorus of mixed metaphors. And because I’m pants at taking photos. Blogging competitions look for snazzy snaps not smeary selfies. Darn it.  

Your life looks so well-organised and glamorous. How do you do it all ?

I made that one up.

What a fascinating insight! What an enriching read! Stay imperfect blogger- speak more! 

No. Enough. I must always leave you wanting more (Top Blogger Tip that is). 

(But, genuinely, thank you to all of you lovely readers, raters, Facebook likers, Insta followers and Twitter wits for reading the blog. Having you read is gift enough*)

*would totally sell you all to get a paid writing gig. 

Real writers look profound when penning prose (took this pic by balancing my phone on a lunchbox-profesh)

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