Pinterest Parenting: can I live it for a day?

My parenting style is more Winging It than Pinning It but I’d set myself the  challenge to be a better, more inventive, creative, organised parent. Could I do it? With Pinterest as my instruction manual, I was going to do my darnedest. 

First stop: sensory play 


I’ll just grab some fresh flowers…

Input levels: 1/5

Had a big bag of bird seed. Poured it in a tray. Slung a digger in it. 

Mess levels: 3/5

Seeds everywhere. Gave him a dustpan and brush and he swept it up. Learnt that from a Pinterest Parenting pin. 

Worth it? Defo. I am winning at Pinning. Just douse me in Cath Kidston and get me a book deal. 


Next idea: create your own play mat.

Sure. This looks easy.


Christ alive! It’s working!

Input level: 3/5 You have to rootle through the recycling bin for old mags and dig out sticker books and cut out bits but you can also pretend to be doing that while you’re actually just reading this month’s Red magazine. Also didn’t have any A3 paper so had to stick the kids in front of CBeebies whilst I sellotape six sheets of A4 together.

Mess levels: 2/5 

A few clippings and popping pen lids back on. Not too bad. 

Worth it?

I really enjoyed it! William got right in to it. The house was abuzz with craft and imagination. I felt like a good mum for the first time in a long time.

Might make this pic my screensaver

Next activity: Camp cinema. 

The dream
The reality

Umm. This was a flop. They bickered about what to watch. Alex wanted the iPad. William wanted Lego Batman. William got cross because the camp collapsed. The sitting room looked like a mess. Everyone stormed off. 

Input: 3/5

Mess levels: 2/5

Worth it? Clearly not. And this was a disappointment as I had imagined this would buy me two hours of twinkling fairy lights and happy snacking. Did it hell. 

 Model making: our next Pinterest plan. 

We can make this and read books about astronomy!

Thee. Two. One. Blast…ooof
William couldn’t find the end of the sticky tape. Cried. Gave up.  Such a flop I’m not even gonna rate it. 

 By this point it was still only about 11.30. I’d managed half a day as a Pinterest parent. That’s enough. I’m happy with being half good. I don’t want to get all smug and above my station. 

We spent the rest of the day playing cars and whinging at each other. William and Alex compared chicken pox scabs. I emptied the dishwasher. The boys had a spontaneous band practice. I spent half an hour on Instagram. Normality was restored. It ain’t Pinteresting but it works for us. 

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