Parenting Controversies: part 1

Much like Brexit or gun control, parenting is a controversial topic that demands commenting on by angry unqualified people. As a hard-nosed journalist (splutter), it is my duty to stick an oar in on a variety of profound issues which I will do in a new, weekly series called Parenting Controversies. 

Starting big this week with…

The Gym Kit on the School Run

People just lurrrve to comment on what women should or shouldn’t wear and recently I’ve heard a load of gumpf on how wrong it is for women to wear their workout gear  to the school gates. 

Anyone else feel like this is horse dung?!

The rub seems to be that either you’re a smug show off or a slovenly sweaty slut who hasn’t showered. I am 100% both of these things so perhaps that’s why I do, regularly, wear my Nikes for the AM drop off. 

The school run is tough enough- politically, logistically, emotionally- so I would say that army fatigues are probably the best thing to wear. Lots of pockets for snacks and bribes, the ability to camoflague yourself in a holly bush should you hear the words ‘bake sale’ or ‘raffle donations’ etc. Ideal!

As this is yet to catch on (it will: you read it here first), I wear the next most practical get-up: my gym kit. 

Shock! Horror! Outrage! Judgement!

I do it because running to the beat the bell is my warm up and then I come home, chuck the toddler in front of CBeebies (judgement overdrive!) and do a workout at home. 

The idea that I would bother going from PJs to jeans to PE kit to shower to jeans is utterly proposterous- who has time to be that inefficient?! So, for now, I will flaunt the judgments of others, clad my lumps n bumps in Lycra and wobble my bits to the school gates with pride: women should be proud of their sisters in sports bras because there’s no shame in being fit, strong, and time-efficient. 

So, are we settled? Women can wear whatever the bollocks they like on the school run or wherever else they are going, right? Ball gown, hijab, miniskirt, make up, power suit, pyjamas or PE kit- who gives a fig!

Haters gonna hate

Any other parenting minefields you can think of? Leave in the comments any other explosive topics!

2 thoughts on “Parenting Controversies: part 1

  1. Amen to that! I have worn my running gear to school for many years, simply because I drop my kids off and I run. Occasionally I get a bit of banter from the other mums I know, so no doubt other people I don’t know are judging me, but, like you say, it’s the practical thing to do. Why on earth would I go home to change.

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