Health on a Shelf: keeping it smug this Christmas


We have a zero-sugar policy all year round and the boys have only asked for charitable donations this Christmas so I think we’ve established I’m a better parent than you. However, the run up to Christmas is not an excuse to let standards slip.

We reject consumerism

But because of our gluten-, wheat-, E number-, additives- and toxin-free diet, we have to think outside the (Smartie) box when it comes to advent. 

Our little angelmuffins don’t need an elf’s watchful eye to ensure their already immaculate behaviour so DH and I created our unique concept, Health on a Shelf. 
Instead of a cheeky elf, each morning our children skip downstairs to find the new and hilarious places fruit is hiding in our home. 


My DH and I have a great time thinking of inventive places to prop a peach or conceal a kiwi.

We just love seeing their happy faces shine in disbelief and their eyes twinkle with the magic of Christmas. 

It’s super easy and a great way to get children to enjoy one of their recommended eighteen a day: not that my kids need any persuading! 

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