Holidays with Kids: Checklist 

Get some great family photos, but make sure you’re not in any of them. 


That’s me

Spend forty minutes in a play park despite it being 160oC. 


Surely we could be doing this at home?

Build a complicated castle/deep hole on the beach. 


Intense concentration

Eat chips with everything and ice cream after everything. 

‘Now don’t drop it’ …. Plop.

Whilst on beaches, glance enviously at the bare breasts of your European counterparts. 

‘Can I be a feminist and hope her boobs are fake?’

Last but not least you must drunkenly consider investing in a time share or sailing the Med for a year or similar. 

If you loved me, you’d home school me on a yacht.

2 thoughts on “Holidays with Kids: Checklist 

  1. Number 7:
    Hold up the entire disembarkation of the cross channel ferry, to rescue Mickey Mouse, who has been left in one of 6 play areas on level 3.

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