House Snoop

Sound the klaxon! It’s another house snoop! (Find previous one here)

I have been horrendously busy looking after my own children these last few weeks: no wonder parents hate teachers. Teachers are bloody lazy good for nothings who slope off for 2849 weeks of the year and make us parent our own bloody kids! Outrageous! 

Because of this incredible inconvenience,  I needed a quick post for all of my adoring fans and I realised my favourite posts of all posts are house snoops so here’s one for you. 

I have been wanting to do another one for a while but as soon as I tidy it’s a shit heap again so tough tits and enjoy the mess. 

Treat it like Spot the Difference/ Treasure Hunt. 

Can you spot:

-drying clothes

-wilting flowers 

-Scalextric set 

-spilt Lego 

-abandoned car seat 

-my sanity


Garden room (sounds a bit stately but can’t think what else to call it)

Other shot of garden room 

Kids’ Playroom– my favourite room to not go in


Utility Bloody love this room and good thing too as spend a lot of time in here folding pants etc

Boys’ bog- didn’t really want to photograph bedrooms because boys asleep and ours is a mess. So here’s a treat instead 

Spare bedroom and en suite- one of the nicest rooms in the house so come stay!

But here are my favourites. 

Our bathroom 

So so so nice. Like being in a swanky hotel. Love it. 

The larder/booze stash

You’ll find me here pouring gins and stress-snacking

Disclaimer- we didn’t do any of the decorating or designing. That was done by the clever previous owners. We’ve barely even got around to hanging any of our thousand paintings or shelved even a fifth of our billion books so may share some ‘after’ shots later.

Hope you’ve had an enjoyable snoop! 

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