Wonderful Women

You’ve known me since college

When we were in our first jobs

We would drink tea and gossip

About how all men were knobs.


We would finish at four

And head to the pub

Meet up with our colleagues

And eat bar snacks for grub


Then we met lovers

Now husbands or exes

And discuss bitter bickers

Between the two sexes.


Then came the children

The fruit of our wombs

The soft plays and parties

In parish halls and front rooms


Mat leave meet ups followed

And spent up the Dinos

Where we talk politics by day

And at night became winos.


Then came the heart break

Of long-distance love

As some moved down south

Others miles above.


But when we meet up

The years melt away

You make me feel 20

And less wrinkly and grey.


We laugh at old jokes

Put the world to rights

And wonder if we can wear

Short skirts without tights.


You know the real me

A reminder of life

Before I became ‘Miss’

Or ‘mummy’ or wife.


We don’t really get mushy

Or acknowledge our luck

That we find each other interesting

And as funny as fuck.


But let me say now,

Though it’s not what we do,

That you’re all bloody marvellous

And I really love you.

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