Norfolk Easter Larks

Sundays. Smear tests. Marking. School holidays. All on a level when it comes to dread. 


I’ve loved this Easter Hols! Was on a bit of an all-time-low on the work front so was ready for a break and have actually had a fabliss time. 

Here’s what we’ve been up to. 

Great Yarmouth Time and Tide Museum. Loved it. 

Norwich castle: today, tomorrow, always. 

W and I sloped off to go swimming and to see Smurfs at the cinema while A was at nursery. He was great company without his brother there to try and kill. 

Bressingham Steam Museum. So many trains. So much squealing with excitement. 

Fairhaven Gardens. Hide and seek and a trip on the broads. Marvellous!

Dinosaur Adventure Park. Always a win. Esp with the cousins. 

A trip to the in-laws’ for lamb spotting and Easter eggs. 

And look- LOOK!- my children have actually got on! 

Cue a montage of pictures of my children being nice to each other. 

Makes me think that maybe having another wouldn’t be so bad. Would it?

One thought on “Norfolk Easter Larks

  1. Great the boys loved Bressingham – try the Ashmanhaugh light Railway ( for steam trains too.. next open day Sunday 7th May

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