What My Kids Eat in a Day: a guide to being as good as me.

Super excited to share this post with you today because it’s now been exactly five years since our family embarked on our sugar-, gluten-, and dairy-free diet.

People always ask me ‘how do your children always look so healthy and full of energy?’  

So to help you achieve wholesomeness in your family unit, here’s an inspirational guide. Don’t give yourself a hard time if you don’t get it right every meal: I am exceptional and you’re probably just average so don’t beat yourself up.


I try to give my children a diet rich in nuts because they are a great source of calcium and omega 12 so my kids have Nutella straight off the spoon each morning.


As a family, we really enjoy fresh air and being with people less fortunate than ourselves so today we had chips at a bus stop.



I sometimes feel guilty about all the healthy food my children have so I treat them to a naughty snack. Today William had fruit salad while we watched a French art house film. My kids just love the subtitles- not that they need them! #bilingualandblessed


I’m not sure what we are having tonight but I always have freshly frozen meals prepped and ready to pop in the Aga whenever I’m too busy recycling to cook something from scatch in the evening.



As we all know, hydration is vital for young children so I make sure my DSs drink at least three Fruit Shoots a day. We hit a family #healthgoal on a nature walk through the town centre today when Alex started sucking on a pissed on Lucazade bottle he found in a hedge: he’s so driven to reach his ten a day. Love him!

I hope you’ve found these tips helpful. Please share on social media and encourage others to become part of this exciting #piousparenting campaign. Enjoy guys!

8 thoughts on “What My Kids Eat in a Day: a guide to being as good as me.

  1. I think you’re just jealous of my family’s healthy life style. I know you’ve been working really hard at setting up your vegan child yoga centre for holistic knitters but when it comes to nutrition I think I know best #frenemies

  2. You make me laugh out loud! Such real parenting that makes me feel slightly less of a failure. #piousparenting

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