Highs n Lows: round two 

It’s been a while since I’ve done a H&Ls, but today I’ve managed a whole set and it’s only 09.14. 


Sprog 2 was up and singing Frozen at 4.45. Once he’s on track three, you know there’s no going back to sleep. 

Then I delivered Sprog 1 to the school gates only to remember it was school trip day and he was in his uniform. He didn’t give two hoots, but I felt the shame. 

Then I came home and wrote this instead if getting on with the PILE of marking I have to do.

So. Much. Marking.


I had my first proper chat with a resident of my new town today. Sal:1 Lonliness:0. 

It’s a freaking glorious Spring day and if I stop procrastinating and get on with this marking I am going to go for a solo bike ride because…

…this is the first day I have had on my own since early Jan. Whoooo!

If you can, imagine this picture with audio of a choir singing Hallelujah

3 thoughts on “Highs n Lows: round two 

  1. I used to sing constantly when mum put me to bed… it went on for hours. I had a lovely time… bet mum remembers differently. Also used to sing at the top of mt lungs on bike rides. I had a wondeful time. Bet my sister remembers it differently.

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