The Night In Hangover

Never go out? Celebrate Fridays and Saturdays by staying up 15 minutes later? Use the extra time to have a bath you don’t really enjoy? Drink too much because you want to mark the weekend some how? Then you may have the Night In Hangover

Is there an odd collection of stuff in your dressing gown pocket?

Four hair bobbles, biscuit wrapper and a gin lid.

Is there incriminating evidence in your bin?

Ben and Jerry’s carton: the parent update of the kebab wrapper

Do you remember thinking it was a good idea to leave the washing up until the morning?

Used to mix cocktails but now serve ‘just right temp’ milk

Are your children having a Milkshake Marathon despite glorious sunshine outside?

Dum dum de dum dum duddle duddle dum dum

If you answer ‘yes’ to two or more of these questions then you may be suffering from Night In Hangover. 

I prescribe Marmite on toast for everyone and a fancy Nespresso coffee for you. Then pack a backpack with toys, kids’ mags and the Sunday papers and find a pub with a play area and eat a sodoffbig roast. 

4 thoughts on “The Night In Hangover

  1. Love the new article in the EDP – if your boys love trains try our hobby railway – – open the first Sunday of the month from May-Oct incl. Great traditional unspoilt afternoon out, space to run around, refreshments and very cheap. Contact me for more info if that helps. Oh.. and holiday cottages on site too for your friends/family from away.

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