*Snoop Alert*

Thanks for the gabillion* texts, comments and insta thoughts on my writer’s block. The winning vote-with a WHOOPING two requests- is for a few cheeky peeks at our new house. 

So, for the braying crowds, here are a few snaps of my most favourite bits of our pad. All welcome for tea and biscuits. 

*Sum total: 3

I meant them to be in the reverse order in which they have uploaded but we haven’t got wifi in the new house yet and I don’t have enough credit to reload them. 

On moving day, I said the words ‘shall we put the Kilner jars in the pantry?’ and I both loved it and HATED myself at the same time.
Bi-fold doors! A water feature! HORIZONS!
I love this little window. Husbo has since stuck the telly in front of it. I’m passively seething until I can think of a solution.
Nice innit?

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