Unthank Road (posh end)

Today is my last day as an Unny Mummy. For those who don’t know Norwich, Unthank Road is the Mayfair of the Norfolk monopoly board thankyouverymuch. When we were house hunting, we were scathing about people who wanted to live on Unthank Road: ‘stuck up snobs!’, ‘aspirational middle classes!’, ‘you’re paying for the postcode!’ And yet we became what we judged. 
Here are the things I’m going to miss most
Being Able To Get Workmen 

‘I was hoping to get a quote for some building work’

‘We’re busy until May but what’s the address?’

‘Unthank Road’

‘We can be there in an hour’
Popping Over for Drinks

We have some downright fabulous neighbours and they have downright immaculate homes and downright excellent g&t making skills. They are also often brave enough to invite the Oliver brood over for late afternoon drinks. This gives us a chance to close the door on our revolting messy house and go and feel grown up for a few hours. Love it. 
Popping Over for a Meal

Our next door neighbour makes the hands-down best roast ever eaten. We often schlep over the hedge and spend a few blissful hours gorging while the kids run amok in their eight-times-the-size-of-ours garden. We once lost Alex in it and found him under the hedge digging his way home. 
Popping Over for Drinks and a Meal

When William was a few months old I ordered prints of my birth and baby pics. The postman took them to the wrong house. The woman who opened them had a bit of a fright. She had also just had a baby and just ordered prints but it was a case of ‘that placenta’s not mine, its blood is too clotty’ and so she popped them down to me. Since she’d already seen quite a lot of me by then, we had no choice but to become great friends. We go for supper at each other’s houses and the children all sleep upstairs. Late at night, we carry our bleary-eyed babes back down the road and tipple them back in to bed. Those midnight walks down Unthank road with our sleepy children in our arms are what I will really really miss. 

Popping up One Stop

Frigging love popping up One Stop. It’s about 300 yards up the road but you’ll see everyone you know on the way. One of my oldest friends used to live right next door to it so if I was quick, I could pop in for a chat and still claim that I’d only just gone for a milk run. Also, during pregnancy my bladder was so weak I would have to stop at hers for a wee when I went for the Sunday papers. 
The Beehive

Two words: real ale

I won’t miss the traffic, trying to reverse out of my driveway but no one letting me out (I PAY COUNCIL TAX ON THIS ROAD, YOU RATRUN BASTARDS!), our tiny garden or our freezing cold house but my-oh-my will I miss our neighbours.

Edit: just had to say goodbye to the postman and it sent me over the edge. I was a snivelling mess. I am pathetic. I am a disgrace to this road- they’re better off without me!

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