Norwich: a love story 

For 16 years this city has been home. It’s my longest relationship and one of my deepest loves.

I free-wheeled home from the pub the other night, squiffy on cocktails and friendship, and the streets were empty and the fog was fizzing in the lamplight and each street and landmark held a memory. House shares, parties, and first dates from my university years. House viewings, play dates and dinner parties from my adulthood.

This city is a map of my life and it guided me from teenager to mother of two. It’s the funkiest nerdy place I’ve ever known and the cosiest city imaginable. I feel this place in my bones and being and I’m going to miss being part of its gang. Us Olivers are on the move, but I’m leaving a bit of my heart behind. 

2 thoughts on “Norwich: a love story 

  1. I’m so sad: it feels like leaving the last thread of ‘old me’. But then I have to gather myself and remember we are moving 6 postcode places to a nearby market town.

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