WorkWifeofaWifeofaWigWearer: guest (of honour) blog post

BFFs, Wives, Colleagues, 50% of each other

Ms Millar is not only my job share, a bloody good friend and heir to our children when AO and I finally throttle each other, she’s also the kind of teacher and mother I aspire to be. 
I asked her to write a guest post because I hoped to get an insight in to how to be more like her. And, because she’s kind and generous, she agreed. And, because she’s a BUGGER, she wrote about me. And because she’s a GENIUS, she’s done so in a way that means I can’t go all squeamish and modest and not post it. Man, she’s good. I am going to share it, though, because it’s funny and thoughtful and sentimental (like its writer) and because it celebrates my most treasured and precious thing: female friendship. 

When Ms O asked me to write a guest blog, it got me thinking about our relationship. I’m sure she wasn’t anticipating this and I know how much she hates it whenever anyone says anything nice about her, but here goes…
She is my work wife; my better half, and I count myself incredibly lucky that we are both equally lazy/disorganised/impatient with irritating teenagers one minute and bowled over at their unique way of seeing the world the next. But obviously, she’s so much more than that. I count her and her brood as family and I’m pretty sure there’s nobody else in the world that I’ve shared (overshared) more inappropriate information with. Pregnancy solidified our bond – finding out that we were both due to have our babies within days of each other remains one of my fondest memories (perhaps even more fond than actually finding out I was pregnant?!) The car journey to our weekly pregnancy yoga session was the highlight of my week during those tricky ten months. It was as if we stored up every single weird pregnancy question we had for that five minute journey. As soon as the car door shut, I’d be asking about all the strange symptoms I’d had and she’d let out all the wind she’d been keeping in all day. We’d talk about how inadequate we felt that we didn’t ‘talk’ to our bumps or really even love them yet – the kind of stuff that you worry about being judged for but feel so massively relieved when someone else says ‘me too’. She was the first person to get me out the house after my baby was born and she was the first and pretty much only person I ever truly told how hard I was finding it all. We laughed inappropriately and tested our pelvic floors to the max (I think we both failed…) at her son’s poo face and survived maternity leave together with the mantra ‘It’s fine, they don’t remember anything at this age…’ I think we’re probably riding our luck with this one now, nearly five years later but I do know what I remember – feeling pretty damn lucky to have someone like her to share this all with

I know Ms O will be cross that I’ve spent my blog saying nice things about her, but it’s easy to forget how lucky we are to have also been given the chance to work together. Not just that, but we’ve achieved promotions together (I think we both still can’t believe that we have an actual office!) and done our absolute best to make sense of the work/life balance, even if we still don’t have it all figured out. Basically, I count myself incredibly lucky that my work wife is also my life wife. Even if we do know far too much about each other…

BFFs, fruit our loins, prides, joys, family.

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