10 Signs You’re a Parent Who Teaches

This post first appeared on http://www.meetothermums.com and I love it so I’m putting it here too. Is that ok to say you love your own blog post? Sod it. 

  1. This is how you accessorise for work



Packed lunch. Bag of marking. Bag of tat you don’t use but somewhere in there is your staff ID…


2) You get all your current affairs knowledge from the 16 minutes of the Today programme you catch on your commute.



Evan Davies and the sunrise keeping me company


3) You spend morning briefing picking Weetabix off your shoulder

4) You laugh wanly when other working parents say they ‘come to work for a rest’ because they get to wee or drink tea whenever they like. #careergoals

5) Your sofa/office looks like this:


Supper, discarded clothes Duplo and year nine report writing: I can have it all!

6) You welcome an entire class worth of 16 year olds with ‘Morning, puddle ducks!’

7) You keep your phone in your top drawer and pray it doesn’t ring with The Dreaded Call from nursery or school ‘William has just projectile vomited across the playground’ Well TOUGH, I’ve got double year 11 and we need to finish Macbeth.

8)  This is how you find out your child has hurt themselves:


Helicopter parenting…via stickers

9) You go to your kid’s parents evening knowing you’ll be able to decipher the jargon: ‘Oh my child’s lively and enthusiastic is he…?’

10) This is about as powerful as you’ll ever feel:


The pen is mightier than the lunchtime detention.

Are there any I have left out? Leave your tell-tale signs of being a parent/teacher below and feel free to share on social media. In fact, please do so I can get a book deal and retire from teaching and hopefully find my sofa again.




2 thoughts on “10 Signs You’re a Parent Who Teaches

  1. Organised draws of crafts at home….ready to pull out at a minute’s notice

    Stickers, books, educational tat all organised according to colour/size/alphabetical positioning/age

    Pens/felts and paper in your regular handbag

    A ‘prize’ cupboard/sticker chart system which is off-the-wall

    A child who stands by the front door ‘queueing’ to leave the house

    Just saying……😂🤦‍♀️😉

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