Small Moments I Love (but probably shouldn’t!)

Rough play 

Even though this involves two children smooshing their nappies/skid mark arses on my face and beating me until I weep, I love it. It’s probably when they make me laugh the most. 

‘Look over there mum!’ SMACK

‘Smell my farts!’

‘Sit on her head, Alex!’


This is the single safest moment of the day. The kids seem to be lulled by the warm water so stop trying to kill each other and I suddenly become very vigilant about not leaving them alone in the bath. This essentially means I have a legit reason to be in a warm room dicking on my phone. #win


TBH, I could sack off the Paw Patrol but I do loves me a Peppa Pig and it’s even better when I’ve got them both curled up on my lap all warm and smelling of bubble bath. Yum. 

The peak of it is bedtime story though. Love it. As long as we can avoid ALL THE QUESTIONS: he’s not ‘curious’, he’s procrastinating. 

Nighttime wee

We are still having to lift W at night: he has the bladder of a  postnatal mother on a trampoline. It doesn’t bother me though because I love scooping him out all heavy and sweaty and rubbing his eyes. I love seeing him pad back to his bed all wibbly and then giving him a tuck in kiss and whispering ‘I’m so proud of you’. 

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