I Get Trolled!

Very excited to announce that I  have officially ‘made it’: I have been trolled.

I am new to twitter (follow me at wifeofawigwearer- but only if you’ve got some good misogyny up your sleeve). And maybe because I’m new, I didn’t know that women weren’t allowed to voice an opinion on it.

Sprog 1 and I were playing a game and he noticed that out of six ‘job’ cards only two were girls and that they got the ‘rubbish jobs’.


I told him that  for a long time women could only be teachers and nurses and that this game was still a bit stuck in the past. William said he thought that girls got the boring jobs.

I rehashed a synopsis of this convo in two places: twitter and my secret Feminist Fight Club. Guess which met me with vitriol?


They seemed upset that I reference Husbo’s job in my blog name. They didn’t seem to spot the irony so I’m thinking maybe they’re American?

Anyway, I’m going to go and stitch my ‘Received Angry Messages from Men’ badge on to my sash and keep fighting the patriarchy.

All comments welcomed. If possible, please be specific about how I raise my children, my looks, and/or how my children look. Thanks guys!

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