Cotswolds with Kids with Colds

Sometimes you need a plan for when it’s not Christmas anymore and the children are being vile and they’re tired and a bit sniffly and you’re hungover and have eaten too many Quality Streets. 

We’ve spent ‘the most wonderful time of the year’ at the in-laws. They’re top notch hosts and we visit a lot so here are our favourite spots for a visit when you’ve gotta get out of the house. 

Best Museum

MAD museum. It’s like one big marble run session with other brilliant feats of engineering and physics. Both sprogs love it as there are tons of buttons to press and things to see and admire. We all lost about 40minutes hypnotised by a Spirograph. ​

Best spot for some fresh air 

Dover’s Hill. You can walk from the car park to Chipping Campden if you’re kids are a bit older than mine. With a two year old in tow, a stroll along the ridge and a gawp at the views was enough. 

Best park

I reckon parks should be rated on the following things:

  • Phone reception
  • Nearby cafes
  • Views 

By this criteria the park at Broadway takes home the award. It  has stunning views and a gabillion differing things to play on so you can sit and diddle about on your phone. Perfect. 

Best Buy

My in-laws bought us a family pass to all the Shakespeare’s Birthplace houses. It was amazing. Did ’em all. Loved it. #kidsofanenglishteacher

Best Cinema

Other than the cinema in Lake Wanaka, NZ, this could be the best cinema in the WORLD. I don’t have any pics of it. Just go. Or just go look at it on the internet…

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