An Oliver Guide to the Perfect Christmas. 

We all wake up fresh faced and have croissants and hand squeezed orange juice for breakfast.

Get your own breakfast kids, your parents are hungover
After the children have their vitamin tablet and say their prayers of thanks to Our Lord, they exchange gifts. This year, the children made their presents for each other and DH and I donated the rest of their Christmas money to a charity the children chose themselves, The Pious Society of Do Gooders. #soblessed #rejectingcapitalism

Manic consumer eyes.
After an quick workout, I put on a mindfully curated Christmas outfit and whizz up a spinach cocktail in the Nutribullet.

Hops n forehead shine. Bosh. 
Christmas morning is such a joy: our home is filled with warm laughter, the tinkling of cutlery and the scent of White Company candles. I feel so lucky that our little unit can spend time together and that my children value it above all else. It’s a magical time.

After lunch, the children have fruit for their pudding and we spend some quality time chatting and playing board games.

Chocs and Paw Patrol
The rest of the day is a blur of fun and charity work until just before bed when we write our thank you letters and share loving thoughts.

I just loves pwesents, mummy.

4 thoughts on “An Oliver Guide to the Perfect Christmas. 

  1. I bid you a nod of Christmas cheer from my vegan, gluten free, zero waste, plastic free,nature nurture happy, pro biotic taking, introvenous prosecco drinking household. X

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