Conversations with my Four Year Old: Christmas addition 

Tell us, what’s your favourite bit about Christmas?

Christmas lights.


What would you like for Christmas?

I asked Father Christmas for..umm… Lego

Did you do a nativity play?

I dids. I was a sheep.  I had to crawl. Sheeps crawl you know. 

What’s the best bit of Christmas dinner?

Jacket potatoes.


Yeah. And those sausages. The small ones.

They’re called pigs in blankets. 

Stares at me in disbelief. 

What are you going to buy me for Christmas?

A book.

What about?

Baby Jesus. I love baby Jesus. I want him and Batman on my birthday cake.

Can you tell me the story of baby Jesus?

He was a baby on hay and in a manger and the stars looked at him (plagiarism). He was special but then he met some bombs and died and went underground. He was deaded. But then he came alive again! And he say happy Christmas!

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